eyestilts: credits

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The Telestereoscope is the illegitimate brainchild of
Cassidy Curtis and Chris Whitney.

We also had a lot of help, so we extend big thanks to:

Nick Thompson for the loan of a workbench
Randall from the Exploratorium for the tripod socket
Billy Collister for fabrication work and design help
Tommy Hicks for sharing shop space, materials, and tools
Kevin Binkert for machining the main bearing
Michael Sgambalone for that perfect chunk of steel
LadyBee, Sky Squid and the Mad Scientists for the trench digger
Hendrik Hackl and crew for duct tape just when we needed it
Benjamin from Funhouse Productions for all the ELwire
Will Luo for teaching us how to use it
Jamie Nasiatka for helping wire it all up
John for the wicked-cool butane-powered soldering iron
Mark Schafer for the motorcycle battery
Sonia Harris for her help with the logo and website
Drew Olbrich for the nice Anglo-Saxon moniker "eyestilts"
Peter Birch for tools and heavy lifting
Raquel Coelho and Marie Duran-Whitney for emotional telekinesis
Bill Press and Rob Lederer for comic relief
Whoever put back the rubber eyecups when they fell off, and
Whoever cleaned the mirrors without even being asked!

You people are terrific. We couldn't have done this without you.

All images on this site belong to the people who made them. Each image is accompanied by a copyright credit. Images that appear without explicit credit are made by Cassidy Curtis. Please do not use or reproduce these images without permission. (All you have to do is ask! To get permission, just send an email to cassidy@eyestilts.com. We're nice folks. We'll probably say yes.)